Books for Children

Children's Books

Whether for use in the home or in an educational setting, TalkingPEN Publications have a wide range of beautifully illustrated picture books for children of 18 months up to 8 years. Explore this site to find board books for the very young and fun classics for older children. These books are perfect for developing an early love of reading, stimulating ideas and discussion, and encourage positive values. Fun books to make you laugh, rhymes to make you sing and great stories to make you think about the world in different ways.

Importance of TalkingPEN with Books for Children

All our great picture books can be used with the TalkingPEN. Children will love touching the pages and hearing them come to life with fantastic narrations. This adds a whole new dimension to the reading experience and hugely increases children's engagement.

Learning happens best when resources stimulate a range of different senses. With TalkingPEN children can explore the words and pictures visually, then listen to the words at their own pace. Finally they can record their own versions of the stories, increasing engagement and also encouraging speaking and storytelling skills. Children can role-play the different characters in a story, page by page, and then listen back instantly. You can record your own telling of a story for a child without deleting the original recording.

The TalkingPEN also allows books to be heard in many languages, encouraging a confidence in learning new languages.